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5 Things that Can Ruin Your Relationship Guaranteed!

So, you’ve finally decided to take a chance once again in love and getting involved in another serious relationship. Like the rest of us, you are extremely hopeful that things will be different this time around, and that this person you’re with now is THE ONE.

We’ve got some great news for you: it can happen! Just as long as you make sure that you avoid the common mistakes people make when they are in a serious relationship.

1. Being too clingy.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they get involved in a relationship, especially those that have been through a really terrible break up, is that they tend to make their world revolve around their partner. Yes, it’s true that you need to make sure your partner feels loved and important. But it shouldn’t come to a point where you and your partner start compromising other responsibilities.

2. Being too independent.

This is a common mistake often committed by people with extremely strong personalities. Since many people with strong personalities are often independent and have been used to just doing things on their own, they don’t realize that they are pushing their partner away by not really getting them involved in their lives. One way for you to make your partner feel loved and important is to allow them to become more than just someone that makes you feel all fuzzy and satisfied. You need to slowly allow them into your life, especially when it comes to making some important decisions.

3. Demanding sacrifices.

Yes, it’s true that you and your partner need to be willing to make sacrifices when you’re in a relationship. But the key word here is willing. You can merely suggest, especially if you know that it’s going to be good for them. For example, if your partner has a smoking habit, you can encourage them to quit smoking because it’s going to do good for their health. But no matter how good your intentions may be, you should never demand or require them to make these sacrifices. Otherwise, they will start having feelings of resentment towards you.

4. Too much jealousy.

Trust is one of the foundations of any successful and healthy relationship. No relationship can survive very long without it. Aside from the fact that you and your partner have good friends that are of the opposite sex, you and your partner will come across people of the opposite sex anywhere you go. Of course, it should be balanced. You should be willing to give your partner a level of trust to show that you’re confident about your relationship, but not to the extent that you start turning a blind eye even if your partner is showing all the signs and everyone is telling you that something fishy is going on.

5. Assuming too much.

Lack of communication is the number one reason why relationships fail and couples break up. Your partner is not a mind reader, so don’t expect your partner to know exactly what you want to do or say without you actually telling them.

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