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6 Things You Need to Know When Dating an Independent Woman

Whether it’s the thrill of the chase or just simply a challenge worth accepting and overcoming, there is something about an independent woman that makes men swoon and fall head over heels for her. But of course, given the fact that she has been independent for a very long time, dating her doesn’t come without its challenges.

Here are some things that you need to know, understand, and be completely ready for if you’re considering dating an independent woman:

1. An independent woman needs a strong man.

No, we are not saying you need to be seriously puffed up to date an independent woman (although that would be a definite plus). Independent women have very strong personalities, which is the main reason why they have been able to stand on their own for a very long time. You need to make sure that your own personality could at least match, if not surpass, hers. Otherwise, your relationship wouldn’t last longer than just a few weeks.

2. An independent woman is not afraid to speak her mind. 

Independent women are frank and extremely opinionated, especially those that are highly successful. They wouldn’t hesitate to say things, including whether or not they like what they are seeing during your date to your face.

3. Get ready for a battle of the minds.

It is important to remember that when you’re dating an independent woman, you need to make sure that the conversation is stimulating for her. At first, this may sound rather intimidating. But you’ll be surprised how very easy it is to strike up a meaningful conversation with an independent woman while you’re on a date. That’s because many of the topics that may interest you are the same things that she would enjoy talking about like stocks, business trends, and, yes, even politics!

4. She needs her time alone

Unlike most other girls that would love to spend every minute of the day with you, independent women would love to spend time on her own. That is most especially true when she is “in the zone” either preparing for an upcoming presentation or planning out her schedule for the week. This is something that you always would need to consider in case she decides to turn down another date with you or not immediately answer your phone calls or text messages.

5. Independent women are extremely affectionate.

One of the most common misconceptions men get when dating an independent woman is that they tend to be rather cold and distant. Quite the contrary! In fact, you’ll find that independent women are extremely sweet and more than happy and willing to show their affection towards you, even in public. That is, of course, if you’ve manage to win her heart.

6. They deserve to be trusted.

If there is one thing about dating an independent woman, it’s that they are extremely picky and loyal to their partner. Whenever they get into a relationship, they always approach it seriously and not as something to keep them busy and preoccupied until someone better comes along.

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