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Dating a Woman Older Than You: Handy Tips for Cougar Hunters

Online dating sites, apps and portals have opened up a whole world of possibilities for dating enthusiasts. While dating a woman who is older than you can evoke memories of Stifler’s Mom from American Pie, it can also prove to be a really ‘adventurous’ affair.

Of course, dating older women is a less ventured domain and as a young man, you might feel worked up about dating someone who could easily be your maths tutor in alternate reality. But dating a woman older to you needs some specific measures to be followed diligently.

Treating Your Woman Well

Behaving well with her is a given. She is much more experienced than you, and the sooner you accept this fact the better. But there’s more to it than just behaving well. It is a gentlemanly, and almost chivalrous, trait to be polite and elegant while you speak to her and interact with her intimately. In this way, you will find it easy to impress her.

Do not try to be arrogant and do not flaunt your knowledge or anything which you take pride in as elder women have a shorter attention span, and unnecessary bragging is the biggest turn-off for them. It is better to get involved in simple talks. Moreover, it is unwise to admire her blindly. Since she is not a teenager and has got ample maturity, she will simply strike you off from her dating list if she finds you flattering her.

Keep Your Promises

Also, do not forget to call her when you promise her to do so. Such actions speak in favour of you, on the basis of which you can gradually increase your trustworthiness. Also, when you commit mistakes, politely apologize to her, as this reveals much about you and your character.

Always take your older date seriously. This translates into trying to do activities that fall in common interests, or paying heed to each other’s passions. You may watch a movie together, or eat out in a restaurant or simply read poetry to each other. The point is, look for the keys that will help you to strike a perfect chord with her. The common base of discussions will certainly let both of you to open up more and come closer to one another.

What If You Do Not Get Support from Your Friends and Family?

It may so happen that your friends and relatives do not quite support your decision about dating a woman older than you. In such a case, it is best to explain your decision to them. If they still persist to oppose, do not bother. Simply reject their views. After all, it is you who should take the call on whom you date and whom you befriend.

Lastly, do not ever do anything or speak something that reminds your date about the age difference between the two of you. You need to respect her position in order to take the relationship to a different level.

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