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The Biggest Turn-offs That Can Spoil Your First Date

Women are often advised to do the things that can make them more attractive to their male dating partners. They are reminded of the dos and don’ts of dating in every second dating blog. Have you ever even imagined what a woman really likes and what could possibly turn her off during a date? If you are making amorous advances towards your ladylove, here are the things you should avoid doing on your first date.

1. Having long and dirty fingernails

‘Ewe, how can someone be so dirty and messy?” – Exactly this is the expression that comes out when we come across a tramp or someone sloppily dressed, right? Similarly, uncared-for fingernails can be an instant turn-off for the woman you are dating. Cut your nails before they grow long.

2. Being Rude to Restaurant Waiters

The person sitting opposite you, be it a man or woman, would definitely observe how you behave with others. If your true colors come out on your first date, the lady you are dating would definitely take a note of your arrogance and rudeness as this helps her understand how you might treat her a few years down the line. Be nice to people, as you always should.

3. Wearing Soiled Shoes

Not cool! While the definition of good shoes is not something written on stone, your woman would definitely look at the shoes you are wearing. You won’t get a good rating for sure in her mind if you forget to a pair of clean and stylish shoes. ‘Clean’ and ‘stylish’, these two are the catchwords here.

4. Not Listening Carefully When She Speaks

This is perhaps the biggest turn-off for a woman or any person in general. If you are not listening to someone who’s on a date with you, you are straightaway disrespecting him or her. While this holds true for all and sundry, a woman facing this from a man on a date is double-insulting. It is almost a historical truth that men who do not listen fade away too soon.

5. Not Using Deodorant

While the stories of retrosexual men wooing their women with their sweaty physique are quite common, women in general love men who smell good. It should not surprise many successful daters, but a large section of men consider spraying deodorant as a less important and trivial aspect. Remember  – how you smell could make or break your date.

6. Acting Selfishly

Selfish is anyone unappealing to society at large. Whether you are ignoring foreplay in bed and trying to get down to business too fast, or you are not giving a thought to her preferences while buying ice cream for her, you are scoring very low on prospective love interests for sure.

As a final point, when you are dating a woman, you are actually showing up as a human being and everybody looks for and likes good-natured human beings. Keep this in mind. All will be good.

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