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WARNING! 10 Things You Should NEVER Tell Your Girlfriend

Girls can be sensitive sometimes. WAIT, let me scratch that. They are sensitive ALL THE TIME. That is why men should always watch what they say to their girls because it might really get them into trouble. Guys make mistakes and that is fine since no one is perfect. But this is the ONLY mistake that would really make you suffer and that you would actually pay for it for the rest of your life. So here’s a little warning for the guys out there.



That one word could be the death of you. When your girlfriend asks you to do something, DO IT. Some girls might be a little too nice and seems like they accepted the fact that you won’t do it, but running through their pretty little heads are something that are NOT so nice.

They might be thinking, “Oh he doesn’t really love me ‘cause he wouldn’t do it” or more like “Oh fine, looks like someone’s going to sleep on the couch for a week”

You wouldn’t want her to think this way right? So it is always better to just do it. BUT if what she wants you to do is pretty impossible, just sweet talk her through it or get her mind off of it. That MIGHT work.

“Fine, Whatever”

        Now this could really be the end of you. Saying something like this to a woman would definitely give you a one way ticket to hell. This would make her feel that you do not care about her and that she doesn’t really matter that is why you said something like that. It may not be that harmful but girls’ minds are a little too complicated than that.

        When she asks your opinion about things, don’t just say those words above. For you it might be alright and harmless but to her, it is NOT. If she is asking how that dress looks on her, don’t say “it looks fine” instead you should say something like “oh it looks good on you and I like blah blah” but if you don’t like it just give it to her nicely “it looks nice sweetie but how about a little something like blah blah” That would really make her feel that you care about how she is going to look and that you are into it. Even if you’re just doing that so you won’t get into trouble.

“She looks good”

Oh NO… You are screwed. Seriously, saying something nice about ANOTHER GIRL will really put you to your rightful place. It does NOT matter if it is just some harmless compliment about some other woman but the fact that you actually thought of another woman would totally make her mad.

        It may not be too big of a deal for guys but talking about how another woman looks good is just a huge sink hole. Your wife or girlfriend will feel extremely insecure especially if that other woman looks like she just got out of the magazine and really looks better than her. No woman in this world would want to know that their boyfriend or husband thinks of another woman in any possible way.

        Appreciating a beauty of a person is not bad but telling that to your woman is an insult to her. It is like a slap in the face. She would immediately think of all of her flaws and compare herself to that other woman you are talking about. She would feel like the ugliest person in the world even if she is not. How would you feel if they start ogling into some other dude who looks like some kind of a Greek God. Admit it, you wouldn’t like it either.

“Did you gain weight?”

This is probably the worst thing to say to ANY WOMAN. No matter how “nicely” you put it, it will always be something that she would never forget. Like what is written above, women are insecure creatures even if sometimes they could be confident, it all comes down to how they look. Guys are designed to be attracted to the physical aspect first and they will have their way in and once they liked what the girl is like on the inside, they will stay but if a woman is only beautiful on the outside, chances the relationship will either all be physical or it wouldn’t last at all.

        Even if you said this as a joke and didn’t really mean it, she would still be very offended. Even if you love her and will stay with her when she gains a lot of weight, she will still get hurt by the fact that you told her something like this.

That is why sometimes it is better if guys just keep their mouths shut except if they want to say a compliment then by all means say it.


“A HAPPY Wife is a HAPPY Life”

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