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5 Dating Apps Worth Trying Out Now

Admit it – you’re curious about online dating and actually want to give it a go. It doesn’t help that some of your friends and even your own workmates have told you they’ve tried it already (and some say they actually enjoy it). Why not jump on the bandwagon yourself?

To help you get started, check out these dating apps and start making new connections.


This feels and looks like Tinder, but with a few distinctions. It requires you to sign up with Facebook as will involve your own FB friends in making new connections online. It links you up with people you don’t know yet but actually know someone who’s already on your friends’ list. It also bases the connections on what you like, which you probably have noted on your Facebook profile.

The app will ask you a couple of questions during the sign-up; you’ll only respond with swipes, making the chore way easier to accomplish. Also, the questions are actually interesting and fun ones and won’t make you go “Duh!”

The great thing about using this app is that you can ask your mutual friend about the new connection you’ve made and that you won’t get unwanted attention from those you’re not matched with. However, you can only put up photos from those already on your FB account or Instagram.

This is one of the popular dating sites way before the dating apps flooded in and has experience and an established reputation to back it up. Although this doesn’t require Facebook in order to register, you need to complete a sign-up process that is similar to the one done on the desktop site (but shorter and easier, though). You can then use the same login for the non-app version.

To indicate interest, you need to send a wink to anyone on the app’s database. Anyone can send you a wink, too. To get a more personalized service, you will need to pay and subscribe, although you can get the app to send you matches on a daily basis.


You’ve probably heard of this app before, thanks to name drops by celebrities and mentions in numerous articles and even by friends. The popularity of this app is fueled by its easy-to-use features, which consist of a swipe right to like and a swipe left to pass. If you “super like” someone, that’s a swipe up.

The person you liked who also swiped right on you will be presented to you as your match (same thing happens for the other person). And then you can take it from there.


This can be considered a woman’s app as it’s the lady who should message the guy first if they turn out to be a match. This should be done within 24 hours before the match is auto deleted. The men, though, can extend the time to another 24 hours if they really like to chat with the woman in question.

Similar to Tinder, this app requires Facebook and involves swipes, making it easy to use as well.


This also is one of the bigger dating sites before the advent of the dating apps. Like, it also doesn’t need your Facebook account to register, but it will need you to finish a sign-up process that will involve a lot of info for your profile. This won’t be for nothing, though – the information will be used to find your best matches.

You may notice that, sometimes, your matches are not exactly the ones you match with but are just “potential matches.” There’s also the very real risk of getting unwanted attention and sleaze from some users because anyone can message you. However, this app provides more information about your potential dates than other dating apps.

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