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LOVE Will Find A Way: Tips and Tricks for Virtual Lovers

Being in a long distance relationship is extremely hard, sometimes people judge you because you met your special someone on the internet. They would think it is dangerous, not real and they would say that you are actually desperate.

tumblr_m4ycvzIIeG1rt0995o1_500That is why you should prove them wrong. Here are some tips and tricks for you and your partner so that you could enjoy each other’s company without getting bored of doing the same thing over and over.

#1 Watch Movies or TV Series TOGETHER (as in at the same time)

You can watch the same show at the same time so it would be like you two are together watching it. It might sound lame at first but it is actually pretty fun once you get hang of it. It will feel as if you and your partner are closer. The best way to do this is while you two are on cam or on call so that the other person can hear your reaction to a certain scene and vice versa.

#2 Play 1000 Questions and other quizzes

        This is a definite must try especially the ones who gets really bored by just talking and webcamming. You can try a lot of games like the 5 second Rule and Quizzes about each other. This way you are not just simply playing, but you are actually getting to know each other in the deepest way possible especially if you and your partner have been together for years, this is a good way of reminiscing.

#3 Film Vlogs

       header-online-dating This is for a couple who don’t have much time to have Skype dates especially with different time zones. Defy the odds and make it work by filming your day to day and compile them and send it to each other. This way you can let your partner know what you have been up to. Best thing ‘bout this is you can save them and re-watch them whenever you want and make lots of copies. You can even upload them online if you want.

Everything is possible when it comes to love. There is no such thing as “I don’t have time there is only I’ll find a perfect time”

#4 Send Gifts

There is really no such thing as being too far. You can now buy things online and have it sent to your special someone. There are trusted online stores like amazon and ebay. You can pay them thru PayPal which is very convenient since you can send it to anyone all over the world with just one click. You can get him/her a nice gift without having to worry about going to the mall and have it shipped there with a very expensive shipping fee.

        Just be wise at all times when picking the right gifts. Look for feedbacks and ratings from other buyers so that you wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

#5 Share a Secret Journal

        It is almost like the same as the vlogs but if you are not into filming or anything you can just write it all down. Write about how your day went and what have you been feeling. Some guys tend to have a hard time saying how they really feel so this could be a nicer and easier way for them.

#6 Play Video Games Together

online-dating-siteIf you and your partner are into gaming then this is a definite must try for you. There are games like DOTA and LOL where you can play against each other wherever you are all over the world. You can also play on xbox since it has an online feature as well. There are so many games out there that allow you to play together.

#7 Travel Together in a Virtual World

It may sound silly but it is actually really fun. Visit

        “All our cities are produced by experienced and dedicated VR Photographers around the world who are committed to high professional standards and use the latest VR Techniques. Click on any image from our many city site homepages and your browser will open a full, 360-degree panorama visualization of a street scene, museum, neighbourhood, restaurant, bar, hotel, and more. In the side bar you’ll see a thumbnail list of nearby locations. Start clicking and take a virtual tour through the area.”

        You can travel without getting out of your seat.

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