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Best Dating Advice from Celebs Who Had A Go at It, and Quite Successfully

Foxy Brown once famously said, “To find a prince, you gotta kiss some toads”. Well, love it or hate it, dating doesn’t mean you are really making a pledge to each other. It might or might not work for both of you. So not taking a casual blind date seriously is the first step towards successful dating. That said, you should also learn how to reciprocate respect. Here are a few pithy tips from four celebrities who have redefined dating in many ways.

Emma Watson Broke the Gender Bias on Her Date

The Harry Potter star took her man out for dinner, and she was the one who chose which restaurant they should go to and also paid for it. We don’t know how that might seem to you, but a lady paying the bill and choosing a restaurant on her date is something we really like. It talks a lot against the gender bias we all more or less nurture. Also, she went one step further by discussing with her date why she is doing the things he ‘should’, and whether it may or may not be uncomfortable or awkward for both of them. Do an Emma Watson on your next date and we bet it will open a new dialogue between you and your partner.

Beyoncé Tells Us to Be Friends First

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Bee revealed to the world that she was in a steady relationship with her partner since she was 20, and how later that friendly relationship with Jay Z turned into a conjugal relationship. What we learn here is that the bond of friendship is pretty much unbreakable. Always try to become good friends with your date, no matter how you feel about him or her.

Neil Patrick Harris Redefined How a Good Husband Should Act Like

Now, this is not a typical dating tip and we are not deviating from our initial stance that you should see a date just like it is, and not courtship. But if you are a man trying to woo your dulcinea, it’s imperative that you appear a great husband before her eyes (Note: Harris is gay and married to his husband David Burtka). The How I Met Your Mother famed actor told the press that once their honeymoon period was over, they had a tough time redefining their relationship. He appreciated the way his husband, David, gave him support in all possible ways when they had a baby. To all the straight people out there, here’s your key. Taking responsibilities can mean a lot when you are in a relationship, even when you are on your first date.

Ellen DeGeneres Taught Us to Be True to Ourselves

Ellen DeGeneres tells us the truth. “Be the person you are”. Find the true person inside, date your man or woman and he or she will never feel that they are hanging out with somebody fake and pretentious.

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