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Hollywood celebs live lavishly because they’ve got the money to blow off on the luxuries we can only dream of. Most celebrities on our list had a net worth of millions of dollars and sky-reaching credit scores. But they blew all of their fortunes on bizarre things. Gilbert Arenas, the champ with a $111 million contract went bankrupt after squandering his fortune on building a luxurious pool which included a shark tank. These celebrities went broke, and their lawyers had to work hard to control the damage. They even spent piles of cash on their exotic pets’ lavish upkeep and crazy vet bills. We are not very sure if anybody of them needed mental health services later.

Paris Hilton, Chihuahua – $8,000

Most will have a hard time paying for a mortgage that’s half of Chihuahua’s worth. Of course, with a net worth of $100 million and a father who owns a chain of expensive hotels, anything is possible. Socialite Paris Hilton called her first beloved Chihuahua “Tinkerbell”. Tinkerbell stayed with Paris for more than 14 years. The trendsetting Paris spent a lot, adorning the dog with custom-made tutus, dog jewelry, and more. Paris now has a big pooch family with posh names like Peter Pan, Dollar, Prince Baby Bear, and Prince Paris Jr.

These dogs live in an air-conditioned doggy mansion, so yeah, they’re living large. She dropped $8K without thinking twice to buy this adorable little creature and recently took to social media when she couldn’t decide what to name it. Only a few can think about spending such a big amount on health insurance. But then, it’s none other than Paris Hilton.

Nicolas Cage, Octopus – $150,000

Oscar winner Nicolas Cage used to have a full bank account and own expensive mansions and luxurious yachts, expensive health insurance plans apart. But his financial advisors soon told him that he was burning more money than he was making. Eventually, Cage went bankrupt, and now we see him in B-grade movies that go straight to video. Of course, buying an exotic and over-priced octopus for a shocking $150,000 contributed to his current poor financial state.

Justin Bieber, Monkey – $5,000

If you’re a “Belieber”, we’re sure you know everything about Justin’s pet monkey. Bieber named his beloved pet monkey Mally. He got the innocent-looking capuchin for a speculated $5,000. For a guy who owns luxury yachts and a private jet, that amount is, well, nothing.

Unfortunately, back in 2013, German customs officials seized Mally when Bieber took him to Germany despite being told not to bring the monkey him. Bieber had a rock solid credit score with a net worth of $225 million, so he can buy a whole zoo and an animal hospital if he wants. Thankfully, he settled on getting himself two beautiful dogs named Esther and Phil.

Miley Cyrus, Dogs/Cats/Pigs – $20K/Year

The sensational Miley Cyrus has a net worth of $160 million and a credit score as solid as a rock, which means she can buy any pet she wants right on the spot. Cyrus already has a large number of pets that she adopted from animal shelters.

Keeping all those animals fed and healthy is costly, and Cyrus spends an estimated $20K per year on her beloved pets. Her financial advisors probably won’t have a problem with that, however, as she makes around $17-$20 million a year.

Tyga – Leopard – $10K/Year

Apparently, some of the celebrities own these unusual pets to register their names in the headlines and one of those names is the renowned Rapper Tyga. Tyga owned a leopard which he named as ‘Maverick’ that he frequently used to show off on Social Media. But the desire of hitting the headlines made him suffer a lot. According to the acclaimed magazine TMZ, the rapper has to face potential criminal charges for owning the exotic animal.

As a result, he had to transfer his beloved pet to Lions, Tigers & Bears – a non-profit rescue group in Southern California. And after his leopard was shifted, Tyga didn’t bother to pay for his leopard. We suggest that he stops investing his hard-earned money in such lavish lifestyle or he might not even be able to pay his health insurance premiums.

David Beckham, Olive Beckham – $55,000

Olive Beckham is no ordinary dog. Olive is a Spaniel and was given to the star soccer player as a gift from the renowned director, Guy Ritchie. On top of that, the breeder who breeds the dogs for British royalty and bred the Duke and Duchess of York’s dog Lupo is responsible for Olive.

Usher, Goldendoodle dog – $12,000

What do you get when you cross breed a golden retriever and a poodle? The answer is a Goldendoodle, and the massively popular rap star Usher has one. The singer-songwriter has a net worth of $180 million with an impressive credit score.

So, when he laid his eyes on that gorgeous looking pup, he didn’t waste a minute in writing a $12,000 check and bringing him home. Usher named him Poppy and made a lot of people happy at the Second Annual Pencils of Promise Gala where his winning bid earned him that adorable dog.

Tippi Hedren, Lion – $170,000

Former actress and supermodel Tippi Hedren was a bombshell in her youth and did a lot of crazy stuff. The animal rights activist went as far as buying a fully grown lion for a whopping $170,000. Owning a huge wild beast like that is no joke.

A cat that size needs approximately 40 pounds of meat a day to remain satisfied; that’s around $170 a day. Not to mention the hefty upkeep so you don’t end up becoming its dinner. Well, Hedren could certainly afford to have her pet lion around and finally released the cat into the wild after a year.

Steven Tyler, Raccoon – $500

Aerosmith’s lead singer Steven Tyler owned a pet raccoon as a child. He told David Letterman in an interview that he loved the raccoon and used to take it with him while going fishing. He added that raccoons can even be litter trained like domestic cats.

Tyler may not spend crazy money on exotic animals, but when it comes to luxury cars, that’s another story. He has a net worth of $130 million with an equally impressive credit score, so he won’t be missing that $500.

Kristen Stewart, Wolf-Dog Hybrids – $8,000

This a very special dog breed and not many states in America allow citizens to own one. Kristen Stewart’s mom had not one but four wolf-dog hybrid puppies named Jack, Tommy, Lilly, and Lola for $2k a piece. Young Kristen instantly bonded with the oldest of the litter named Jack. No wonder she became attracted to a werewolf in the Twilight Saga, LOL.

Katy Perry, Labradoodle Mascot – $2,000

Meet Butters, Perry’s adorable Labradoodle mascot. She takes the dog with her wherever she goes, and it gets the royal treatment. After all, Perry’s net worth stands at an amazing $280 million. She likes to dress her dog and has a complete wardrobe designed for Butters. Of course, money is not an object for Perry, so she also bought a cat which she named after herself, Kitty Perry.

Justin Bieber’s Snake ‘Johnson’ – $2,000

The Canadian singer-songwriter famously nicknamed as JB, Justin Bieber and one of the most successful child stars, got a lot of attention due to his choice of a pet – a baby boa constrictor ‘snake’ which he named ‘Johnson.’ The pop star was also seen carrying his snake with him while receiving the award for the Best Male Video at the MTV Video Music Awards last year.

However, Justin and his snake had to go their separate paths when the snake was auctioned off at a charity event. At least he has his monkey to cheer him up. He seriously has some weird choices when it comes to his pets. His rock solid credit score with a net worth of $225 million will keep helping him buy more exotic animals, no doubt. But he also has normal pets in his household – like his two dogs named ‘Esther’ and ‘Phil.’

Reese Witherspoon, Donkey – $1,200

We have no idea what the Oscar-winning actress was thinking when she decided to spend $1,200 on a pair of miniature donkeys. The actress owns a farm and already has horses, cows, and goats there.

She went for the home run and got herself a pair of mini-donkeys just to fill up the farm. The gorgeous actress has a net worth of $120 million and doesn’t have to worry about weight management issues thanks to her personal trainer Ashley Borden, so she can buy pretty much any animal she wants.

Siegfried & Roy – White Tigers

Siegfried and Roy are world-renowned magicians, and if you don’t recognize them, then you’re probably living under the stone. This magical duo is known for their stage theatrics involving white lions and tigers. The duo is so attached to these animals that they decided to bring them home. Now, the magicians own pet tigers and are on a mission to conserve and protect these animals from extinction.

But they soon learned that these kinds of exotic animals are better kept at the zoo, when during a show at Mirage Casino in Las Vegas, Roy was bitten by a white tiger on his neck. Thanks to their Medicare supplemental health insurance plan, Roy could recover gradually from the injury.

Tori Spelling, Chicken – $20

It’s really not about the price, it’s the fact that the gorgeous Beverly Hills 90201 star got herself a live chicken and the two became fast friends. She even dubbed herself the “Chicken Whisperer”. She named the chicken Coco Chanel after the famous fashion brand, because why not? She owns a lot of other farm animals, namely a pig and a horse.

Tori keeps Coco with her like a Chihuahua and spends a fortune on cute little accessories for the chicken. Because she’s undeniably rich, the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a chicken (that you’re not gonna eat, LOL) doesn’t seem wrong to Spelling.

Mike Tyson’s – Pigeons – $3,000 Each

Known as the youngest fighter to succeed the WBA, WBC, and IBF championships, the former American pro boxer Mike Tyson gets weak in the knees when it comes to pigeons, his pets. Yes, apart from owning three Royal Bengal Tigers, Mike also owns Pigeons. Dubbed as the Iron Mike across the globe, the hulky boxer turned to these pets to achieve peace and sanity after the death of his 4-year-old daughter Exodus.

These pigeons calm him down while he is not in a good state of mind. Some of these pigeons had cost $3,000 and some were cheap. The man who had $300 million in his prime had to declare bankruptcy due to his lavish habits and desires. No wonder why mental health programs are considered cheaper than pigeons.

Michael Jackson’s Tiger “Thriller”

Most of the fans of the King of Pop must be aware of the fact that MJ was an animal lover. The most successful entertainer of all time who was once pictured with a tiger cub for a CD cover bought himself a Royal Bengal Tigress and also named it ‘Thriller.’ The 375-pound animal, along with her brother, was then shifted to a wildlife center in California run by the American actress and activist Tippi Hendren.

It was when the Pop singer’s ranch was closed due to money problems. But soon, the 13-year-old Thriller died battling lung cancer. Though Jackson probably didn’t have to pay for any of his pets, it surely cost him a lot as he died from a heart failure with a debt of $500 million on his back.

Britney Spears Puppy Hannah – $8,200

Dubbed as the princess of pop, the American recording artist, Britney Spears, came out to announce that she’s the new parent to a cute little puppy named ‘Hannah.’ She also introduced her tiny ball of fur to her 55 million followers. Hannah’s stardom shot through the roof as he was already all over the Internet after Spears created an individual Social Media account of her adorable puppy named @Hannahspears. (No, don’t go over the Twitter to search for the puppy’s account because its account has already been suspended)

Apparently, Hannah is not the first pet that Spears has owned as she has other pooches, too. With a net worth of $200 million, it is obvious that she spends thousands of dollars on her pets and personal fitness training. We hope her exotic habits don’t drag her to bankruptcy.

Kim Kardashian’s Chimp – $60,000

The reality TV star Kim who got famous for being famous decided to adopt a Chimpanzee named Suzy while she was filming for the TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Though she didn’t disclose the amount of which she bought the chimp, the average cost of a chimpanzee is around $60,000. Many of them started criticizing Kim for her awful choice for a pet animal.

Just after a week of her adoption, news broke out that the chimp mauled and injured a woman in the US, which gave people more reasons to condemn her. Many of the bloggers described this adoption of the chimp as some kind of publicity stunt by the headline-hungry Kardashian family. Kim got baffled by the criticism which influenced her to come out to apologize to the public through her blog. She clarified that the confiscation of the chimp was not a publicity stunt and she didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Nicolas Cage, Moby & Sheba – $276,000

It’s the Oscar winner Nicolas Cage again and this time, it’s about his two pet albino king cobras. Yes, no wonder the star went bankrupt and has an $11 million debt on his head. Cage bought those albino cobras for a whopping $276,000.

These cobras were also famous for having a highly potent venom and the actor reportedly kept an especial anti-venom on him at all times. Of course, when he declared bankruptcy, he had to give up his pair of cobras as well, let alone his health insurance plan.

Kirstie Alley, Lemurs – $3,500

Kristie Alley was in the news for her weight gain issues and battling a lawsuit against a fitness center for a while, but she found some solace when she got herself a couple of lemurs. This exotic animal can live up to 40 years and requires costly upkeep.

She hired a caretaker and spends a weighty $40K-$50K per year on them. Alley isn’t making much money right now and she needs to watch out if she wants to avoid bankruptcy. Maybe she should spend a fraction of that amount on hiring a couple of health insurance advisors who can tell her exactly that.

Dan Bilzerian, Goat – $200

Dan Bilzerian is a famous Poker champion and a venture capitalist. When he’s not busy winning, he likes to spend some quality time with his pet goat named Zeus. Since he’s in the business of doubling his investments, he made the smart decision of buying a goat. Luckily, they don’t require much maintenance and can eat pretty much anything. LOL.

George Clooney, Cocker Spaniel – $1,400

On of the world’s most handsome men has returned to show off his adorable Cocker Spaniel. Apparently, Clooney thought that this dog was pretty smart, so he named it Omega. From a big fat pig to a cute and cuddly dog, perhaps Clooney made a smart move.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion Zoo – $200 Million

Many of you may not know that the Playboy mansion is one of the only residential properties in America that has a zoo license. Apart from his exotic magazine, Hugh Hefner also liked to own exotic animals. While talking to the Hollywood Reporter, Hugh Hefner’s wife shared that they have a squirrel and monkey cage that has more than 100 monkeys.

The zoo is home to three types of monkeys, along with dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, and over 100 species of birds, which include peacocks, African cranes, parrots, and many other exotic birds. The woman in the picture is the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, feeding monkeys at their private zoo. What a life!

Hayden Panettiere – Corn Snakes

The 28-year-old American actress, model, singer, and activist rose to fame after portraying the character of cheerleader Claire Bennet on NBC sci-fi series, Heroes. The Nashville star appalled the world when she shared a picture of her snuggling with a creepy animal:  a snake. Unlike the huge constrictor she showed up with on Live With Kelly and Michael to freak out the host Michael Strahan who is already a snake-phobic, this snake was smaller – most probably a juvenile corn snake.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time that Hayden took to  Twitter to share her love for snakes. The animal activist posted a similar picture with the caption reading “Our new baby Corn Snakes!

Anton LaVey’s Lion – $50,000

Be as a lion in the path. Be dangerous even in defeat.” Millions of Americans still believe that Anton LaVey was the real-life incarnation of Satan himself, and his shaved head, black slacks, black ascot and shirt, Lenin-like goatee, and lastly, his pet lion, fired the imagination of his followers and critics alike. His lion is a full-grown male Nubian lion weighing around 500 pounds.

Anton and his beautiful wife, Diana, were both quite proud of Togare, the lion, and they brought the beast each night into their bedroom so that the lion can sleep at the foot of the bed. The couple also embedded a brass ring on the floor of their bedroom so that the lion can be tied down.

Lady Gaga’s Koi Carp – $52,500

Outrageous spending habits of celebrities often make it to the headlines, and Lady Gaga just followed the trend when Daily Mail reported that the singer shelled out more than $52,500 on twenty-seven Japanese koi carp fish. The singer reportedly purchased and installed a fish tank in her house for her fishy friends. Apparently, she purchased the koi carp fish to entertain her while she recovers from her cosmetic surgery.

She paid a separate $60,000 for the tank. The Sun reported that she had a dream about the fish. That’s a very fishy tale, we must add. Was she suffering from mental health problems at that time?

Charlie Sheen’s Chinese Water Dragon – $50

Only last year, Charlie Sheen declared that he is $12-million deep in debt, and he asked a child custody attorney to reduce his monthly child support payments to his ex-wife. His fans know that Charlie has at least one pug in his Sober Valley Lodge, and he spends quite a lot of money for taking ‘care’ of his pets (among other things). However, one of his close sources a few years back had said something quite shocking.

Reportedly, the HIV positive actor bought a Chinese water dragon on a mere whim, and the creature couldn’t survive long as the actor had failed to provide the right environment for it to survive. The lizard was named Hopper Jr. and it died only because of his negligence. It seems that Charlie does a lousy job of grooming pets and kids alike.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette (Birman Cat) – $600

Karl Lagerfield’s fat cat Choupette is a celeb in herself (the cat has a Wikipedia page as well as a Twitter page to her name!). The Chanel creative director got the cat as a gift from Baptiste Giabiconi, a French male model who had previously owned it. Choupette makes more money than many restaurant owners out there and the cat just won three million euros in 2015 through her modeling gigs.

I don’t allow her to do foodstuffs and things like this. She’s too sophisticated for that,” Karl said about his favorite pet in an interview. It’s still not clear how much he spends on the cat every year, but it’s evident that it’s a pampered and spoiled brat…err…cat.

Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog – $2,500

A list of America’s rich and famous, their hobbies, their prized possessions, their expensive health insurance plans or their scandals won’t be complete without a single mention of the Obama family. So here you go. When former US President Obama declared that he would love to have a dog for his daughters Malia and Sasha, everyone in the White House tried to pour in their suggestions, including their aunt.

Obama eventually accepted Bo, a Portuguese water dog, as a gift from his family friend and long-time politician Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts. The dog with a white chest, white paws, and a white goatee became America’s ‘first dog’ after an announcement came from the White House. Obama probably took his predecessor Harry Truman’s words a bit seriously: “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

David Beckham’s Micro Pigs – $2,000

Even tough guys are not fully immune to cuteness, and DB7 is a living example of that. The soccer legend’s celebrity wife bought two micro pigs for him for Christmas 2009, and they named them after their family friends Elton John and David Furnish. The micro pigs grow up to 14 inches and are just the size of a teacup. The pigs had cost the couple around £1,400 in total (that’s about $2,000).

We don’t have a confirmation yet whether any animal hospital or welfare organization has objected to this or not, but Beckham’s country estate in the UK is now home to the super-cute swine.

Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Retrievers & Cocker Spaniels – $3,000

One of the most powerful women in showbiz had to file for bankruptcy only two years back and a financial advisor Max Manel had said, “Poor financial decisions, poor political decisions, and now she’s just poor” after the news became official. Was her money going to the dogs?

HuffPost reported in 2011 that the media mogul would leave about $30 million for her beloved canines should anything bad happen to her. As far as we know, she had two Golden Retrievers and two Cocker Spaniels, although we don’t know yet whether she still has the pets or not.

Elvis Presley, Kangaroo – $10,000

It’s been 40 years since the legendary singer died, but some of the aspects of his life are still amazing. As a young, poor kid, he wanted to have a pet of his own, but couldn’t afford one. However, when his bank account was overflowing with cash, he started buying pets left and right. Presley owned many expensive animals during his lifetime, including exotic horses, chimps (we all know who followed his legacy, right? LOL) and even a talking Myna bird. He bought his first horse, back in 1956 when he was shooting his first movie Love Me Tender.

He also gifted his wife two great Danes named Snoopy & Brutus. Unfortunately, Brutus died shortly after the couple parted ways. But out of all the exotic creatures he owned, Elvis loved his pet kangaroo the most, which he reportedly bought for $10,000. That explains why he was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy shortly before his death from heart failure.

Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell Dogs – $600

It’s a well-known fact that the ‘Vision of Love’ singer loves the finer things in life. Page Six reported that Carey spent a total of $45,000 in a single year on spa treatments of her favorite bow-wows.

She is known to have at least two Jack Russell dogs – Jill E. Beans and Cha Cha. She even flew them first class to LA in 2016, which cost her around $2,000 each dog. Rumor has it that Carey’s reckless spending spree ended her engagement with billionaire James Packer.

Rupert Grint’s Teacup Pigs – $2,200

It seems Beckham and Paris Hilton are not the only ones to go gaga about teacup pigs, as the newest craze in tinsel town is these small pigs. Rupert Grin, or Ron from the Harry Potter film series, also owns two of these creatures.

The fully mature miniature pigs weigh around 90 to 150 pounds, and taking care of these pigs can be quite challenging. The young celebrity reportedly bought the pigs for $1,100 each. One of the two pigs, Oscar, died in 2010, so Rupert is now left with one micro pig, cats, dogs, and turtles.

Mikki Moore’s Corn Snake Named ‘Referee’ – $80

The former NBA star, MY-key, will never go too far from the court as he has a pet snake named ‘Referee.’ We wonder why he named the reptile ‘Referee’ but it’s almost obvious that this fellow cannot officiate in a basketball game.

Instead, the yellow and orange corn snake lies in his bedroom with Moore and his girlfriend. Moore also has an 8-foot long Columbian boa constrictor that resides in a glass tank. Did we mention that his collection also includes six small alligators?

Kit Harrington, Ghost – $10,000

Kit Harrington who plays the famous Jon Snow on one of the most successful TV series, Game of Thrones always wanted to have a dog. He finally got his wish fulfilled when he was introduced to his four-legged co-star named Quigley.

The dog is a Northern Inuit (Cross between a German shepherd and malamute). Quigley was featured as Jon Snow’s dire wolf named Ghost for four seasons and that was enough for Kit to know that they were made for each other.

Frida Kahlo, Deer – $1,500

Artist Frida Kahlo and husband Diego Rivera had their differences, but they both loved their pets. The couple owned dogs, monkeys, and several exotic birds. Kahlo’s favorite, however, was a deer. She fondly took several photographs with it for many years until her death due to a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Chris Evans, East – $3,000

Even Captain America needs a companion. Chris Evans had this adorable half-American, half-English bulldog since he was a little pup and the two clearly grew up together. Sadly, East passed away in 2013.

While Evans was filming for his recent movie Gifted, he was shooting a scene at a dog kennel and decided to get himself new good boy named Dodger who is definitely living like a king right now.

Josephine Baker, Cheetah – $10,000

The French singer, dancer, actress and civil rights activist proudly roamed the streets of France with her pet cheetah. Of course, the locals couldn’t take their eyes off either of these exotic creatures. Baker aptly named her magnificent cat Chiquita, which means “small” in Spanish. The same can’t be said about the price tag of such a “small” animal.

John Quincy Adams, Alligator – $500 – $5K

If you want to know how impressive US President John Quincy Adams was, now you know. The man had a pet alligator which resided in a huge bathtub in the unfinished East Room of the White House.

He didn’t buy the pet – it was a gift from the French general Marquis de Lafayette. However, for some unknown reason, if you want one, you better make sure you have an extra $5k lying around and are up-to-date on all your health insurance premiums.

 Audrey Hepburn, Deer (Fawn) – $500

The gorgeous Audrey Hepburn was the most flamboyant and beautiful Hollywood star in her prime. The British actress, supermodel, and animal rights activist fell in love with a cute little fawn and decided to take him for $500, which was a considerable amount back then.

She treated the fawn like her own baby for several years and named her Pippin. The two met on the set of Green Mansions and stayed together for life.

Grace Coolidge, Raccoon – $600

First Lady Grace Coolidge had one of the oddest pets the White House had ever witnessed, and that was no other than her raccoon called Rebecca. However, she never purchased it.

In fact, it arrived at the White House to be cooked for the Thanksgiving dinner, but it seems that both the First Lady and President Calvin Coolidge were charmed by it, and they kept it as a pet. Hopefully, they had good house insurance, as raccoons can be really messy!

Tori Spelling, Pig – $800

Tori Spelling is eagerly awaiting to welcome her 5th child in the family, but apart from kids, she also loves animals. She used to own a goofy white chicken named Coco Chanel, but in 2017, she welcomed a mini pig called Nutmeg in her family.

Can you imagine Spelling going to the vet with a chicken and a pig in hand? It must look funny-and cute at the same time!

Hugh Hefner, Llama – $4,000

The Playboy mansion may have been known for its Bunnies, but the truth was that Hugh Hefner loved animals and had an entire zoo at his place! One of his friends was Lambert the llama, seen in this old photo.

We assume the zoo must have been covered by Hefner’s last will and testament, as he really cared for all his animals.

Melanie Griffith, Lion – $8,000

Having a pet lion might be the last thing that someone would want, but Melanie Griffith actually owned a male lion called Neil, back in the ’70s. Life magazine documented her life with the lion, which fortunately didn’t cause any injuries or accidents, however, Griffith later admitted that having a wild animal in your house can be a pretty silly idea.

She still collaborates with animal organizations though, such as California’s Shambala Preserve.

Andrew Jackson, African Grey Parrot – $3,800

Having a parrot was a common thing among U.S. Presidents, with numerous of them owning an exotic bird as a pet. However, Andrew Jackson’s African Grey Parrot was allegedly a pretty wild one.

In fact, rumor has it that during the President’s funeral, Pol was overwhelmed by the number of people around him, and he started cursing. Well, that bird definitely didn’t get any inheritance after that!

Ernest Hemingway, Polydactyl Cats – $1,000

Ernest Hemingway was primarily known for his one-of-a-kind writing talent. However, the famous writer was also known for his love for cats. During the ’30s, he received a cat which he named Snow White.

The cat suffered from polydactyly, a genetic deformity causing a cat to have 6 toes. Through the years, the cats multiplied, and his former property, which now serves as a museum, hosts around 40 to 50 polydactyl cats in it.

Roger Federer, Cow – $1,200

At everyone’s surprise, when Roger Federer entered the Swiss Open, he was gifted with a cow, which he named Desiree. He accepted his gift during the opening ceremony.

However, back in 2003, the organization had gifted him with a cow once more, which he had named Juliette. Juliette stayed in Gstaad, with a baby cow which he named Edelweiss. Federer recently confirmed that Juliette lived no more, but at least he can afford a vet anytime he wants so that Desiree won’t perish as well.

Beyoncé, Shih Tzu – Estimated $2,500

If you happened to walk the streets of New York in the summer of 2016, you might have stumbled across this adorable little fluffball walking with Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter. That’s none other than Munchie, Queen B’s new Shih Tzu cutie, which didn’t exactly require a bank loan to get (not with her net worth) but probably had her financial adviser roll his eyes disapprovingly nonetheless.

Munchie was also the center of a nasty rumor about her being abandoned by Queen B, which of course turned out to be entirely untrue. Munchie is as pampered as a dog can be and probably living in more comfort than most humans on the planet.

Chris Hemsworth, Dogs – $1,000

Marvel’s God of Thunder, the hunky Chris Hemsworth, enjoys a peaceful life with his family and a beautiful Labrador retriever when he’s not fighting bad guys. Chris and his brother Liam Hemsworth own a lot of pooches between them and often share their pictures on social media.

Chris’ current net worth stands at an impressive $60 million and has no outstanding mortgage payments or loans to worry about, so he can put up his feet and enjoy a sunny day at the beach with his beloved “Spinee.

Floyd Mayweather, Bengal Tiger – $900,000

What is it with boxers and tigers? This time its arguably one of the best & richest boxers in the world, Floyd Mayweather. The extravagant boxer likes to collect expensive cars, jets, mansions and other exotic creatures and isn’t afraid of paying top dollars to get them.

Back in 2015, he bought a female Bengal tiger for a hefty price tag of $900K. Well, he makes close to $200-$300 millions in a single fight so his finance managers wouldn’t have any problems with Floyd buying a Bengal tiger or a dental insurance plan. Doesn’t make a difference.

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