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10 Things You Should Never Order On A First Date

The Most Expensive Item On The Menu

Rule number one – Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu. Don’t splurge on his account and then say “oh, but I thought we will split the bill” – no one believes you. As wealthy as he may seem, just order something in between – it’s not just rude, it will also make him think he needs a mortgage to date you.

Some Exotic Food That’s Impossible To Pronounce

Although it is very sexy to be adventurous and order something special, and it is also sexy to be able to say “Escargots de Bourgogne” – if you can’t pronounce it properly, you will just make a fool of yourself. Being posh is one thing, but trying to be posh when you have no idea how to – that’s such a turnoff.

The Same Thing As Your Date

That’s just boring. It’s not terrible, or rude, or unflattering – just plain old boring. If you take something else, you can always taste off of each other’s meal, have a chat about it, and plus, you want to show him you are independent and unique and not just following the herd, right? So just for this first date out, order something else.


Anything that includes slurping and chewing in fact. Spaghetti and noodles that require some noisy inhaling and crouching at the table are hardly sexy, and will only create more awkward pauses in conversations. Just imagine slurping on some spaghetti bologna and having red sauce splatter everywhere. Awkward.


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