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Is He The One? 5 Top Signs You Should Look Out For

Different people say different things when asked how to know whether the guy you’re dating is The One. You’ll notice, though, that such answers have the following top 5 common denominators. Check them out now and see the light.

You Feel More You

Your man isn’t trying to turn you into a different person – he loves and appreciates you for who you are. And you feel free and happy knowing that he accepts your authentic self as much as you do. As such, you feel more alive and truly living your authentic self; the term “double life” never crosses your mind as you engage in your relationship. You also learn to appreciate yourself more and even accept whatever aspects of yourself that you have not yet fully embraced.

You Share Similar Values and Beliefs

Your personal, spiritual, and social outlooks are very similar that it’s hard to find any major point of disagreement. You agree on how kids should be raised and on how you’re going to share parental duties. You agree on sharing domestic roles and tasks. You also agree on how a family should be like and how you are going to interact with your in-laws once you’ve tied the knot and have kids. You also see eye to eye on money matters.

He Respects You

When you say no to something, he respects that and doesn’t try to manipulate you into agreeing with him. He may try and get you to change your mind, but not to the point where you have to bend over backwards just to please him. In the end, he will still respect your choices and views without compromising his love for you.

He also will not set conditions in exchange for his affection. He won’t say, “I’ll do that if…,” except when the condition is actually beneficial for you, which should still not be a common situation. For example, “I will do the dishes tonight if you promise me you’ll relax and not do extra work after dinner so we have more time to cuddle.”

Similarly, he also should be a man who’s easy for you to respect. It’s not hard for you to admire or show him respect because of what he stands for, what he does, and how he treats you.

He’s Not Afraid of Commitment

He’s willing to make sacrifices and work on your relationship. He doesn’t give up easily when you go through rough spots in your couplehood – instead, he’s proactive in doing what he can to keep the fire burning and keep your relationship from hitting the rocks. He won’t leave you hanging or left by the wayside when the going gets tough. Also, he means what he says and is good on his word.

You Make Each Other Better Persons

Are you becoming a better version of yourself since you started dating him? Is he also becoming a better person since your relationship started? Are you better together and worse apart? The answers to these questions should be clear indicators that you’re probably made for each other and are thus The One to the other.


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