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STOP! In The Name of LOVE: Annoying Habits Your Boyfriend Wants You To Stop NOW

We girls tend to be a little sensitive, selfish and most of all… Annoying.

But most of the time we abuse the fact that our boyfriends just love us too much that they just deal with the things we do even if they don’t really like it. But how would we know what are the things that we do that annoys them?  Here are some of them:

#1 Your relationship is TOO PUBLIC.

Sometimes you cannot help but be “too proud” of your boyfriend that you ALWAYS make sure you post EVERYTHING he does on your social media accounts or maybe you just want others to be jealous of you guys’ relationship because you think you two are #RelationshipGOALS

Well, News Flash! He doesn’t like it

You must remember that a “relationship” revolves around TWO people. NOT Three or Four and definitely NOT YOUR ENTIRE FRIEND’S LIST. Yes, it is okay to express your feelings or share a little bit of what is happening in your life on your social media accounts. But there should be limitations.

“Keep your PERSONAL life, PERSONAL”

        And when you have a problem with him, talk to him instead of tweeting it. If you two had a fight, don’t take a photo of yourself crying and then posting it somewhere. People would assume that your boyfriend did something to hurt you even if you are actually the one who hurt him. It is NO ONEs business. You are not a “celebrity couple” so stop acting like it.

If you want your relationship to stay strong,

STOP! In The Name of L-O-V-E

#2 Forcing him to be someone he is NOT

Ask yourself why are you with your boyfriend? Is it because he’s handsome? His gorgeous eyes and kissable lips? Or because he understands you and is always there for you? You are with someone because there is something about them that got you. They do things that make you happy.

But no one is perfect. NOT you or your boyfriend.

So why make him someone he is not? Not all guys can shower you with flowers. Not all guys can take you out in a fancy restaurant. Just because he doesn’t do what other guys do, doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to make you feel special. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to show you how much he means to you.

Instead of forcing him to be like your favorite character in a romantic film, why not OPEN YOU EYES and see what he does for you, how he shows you how much he cares in any simple way he can.

And once you finally see what a great guy he is, then you should consider yourself lucky because an amazing guy is hard to find.

If you want your relationship to grow into something that will last…

STOP! In The Name of L-O-V-E

#3 Too Needy, Too Clingy

Let’s get one thing straight, NO ONE wants a “needy or clingy” girlfriend.

   “Too much closeness could strain your relationship”

Just because you are dating doesn’t mean that all of your time will be spent on him and vice versa. You two still have your own lives to live.

Don’t revolve your world around him and don’t expect him to do that for you. You cannot answer the question “am I clingy”? Instead, have a serious talk with your boyfriend and ask him to be honest with you and then depending on his answer, evaluate yourself and analyze the things that you do.

        There is always a room for improvement and you are not just doing this for your partner but also for yourself.

If you want your relationship to be healthy and happy?

STOP! In The Name of L-O-V-E


Now that we have established being needy and clingy, let’s move on to a much important one.


Remember when you were a teen and you just hate it when your mom goes into your room without knocking, or just goes through your personal stuff? Well, don’t become your worst nightmare.

Privacy is a privilege for everyone. That is why there is such thing as “passwords”. It is never ok to go into someone’s phone and read their texts, it is never ok to use someone else stuff without their consent. The same goes for your boyfriend. You don’t need to ask for his passwords and go through all his messages. You are simply showing him that you don’t trust him.  

Don’t sayIf you love me, you will give me the code on your phone”

          Relationship is about trust. Just because he wouldn’t give it to you doesn’t mean he is cheating. If you really do trust him, you wouldn’t bug him about this. Be mature enough to know that there are things in life that is best to keep private. You are just showing him that you don’t trust in him if you do this. This also means that you are being “paranoid”

          A relationship without trust is NEVER going to work

So if you really do love your boyfriend and is willing to be a better partner for him…

STOP! In The Name of L-O-V-E

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